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Yuri Avvakumov

Alexander Brodsky

Alexander Djikia
George Fox

Zoya Frolova

Julia Kelgaard

Alyona Kirtsova

Vera Khlebnikova

Maria Konstantinova

Katia Kovolova

Elena Kudinova

Pavel Makov

Igor Makarevich

Aidan Salakova

Alexi Semionov
Sergei Shutov

Leonid Tishkov 

Getting the Moscow Studio off the ground took three years. Early locations with minimal accommodations for the studio were provided by the Union of Artists of the U.S.S.R. (which was renamed after 1991). On June 29th, 1993 the Moscow Studio opened its new location, 15 Lavrushinsky Pereulok, across the street from the Tretyakov Gallery. It occupied the 4th floor of a building shared in part with the Surikov Institute, an infirmary and a few icon painters. The building belonged to the Russian Academy of Art. This new studio represented everything the previous studios did not: security, open and adaptable space, and a location in the very heart of the city. There were three rooms; a large one for printing, another for storage and office, and a separate washout area. In this new studio it was possible to expand the scope and scale of the projects. In addition the location made it easy to reach by Metro, an attraction to anyone we worked with. The staff, Russian and American, had experience behind them. The question about whether the workshop could continue after three years of working to establish a foothold was answered.


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