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Screen printing is derived from an industrial printing process. It relies in large part on process. In the studio it is by no means industry standard. Instead, it’s a visual jam session. Think of an instrument being passed around a room: no one is expected to make the same sound with the same instrument.  A great many possibilities are there to explore. They may never be repeated again, nor do they have to be. The making of a screenprint can be a grand and unrepeatable improvisational performance, a response to the ideas and influences of the moment, not the sum of a selection of standardized procedures. 

Collaborative printmaking is at the center of HPWI. Making collaborative prints with other artists almost always reveals something new in both the artist and the teacher or master printer. It’s not just the print that’s important, it’s the life around the print, rich, mysterious and variable as the work itself. These things are at the heart of HPWI' mission— the desire to be engaged in projects that transform everyone involved as they unfold.

Process and Innovation: 20 years of Partnerships in Print focuses on a group of artists who became part of the renewed Hand Print Workshop, now legitimately “International.” Painters, photographers, sculptors and printmakers. Their ideas, and the challenges and solutions that evolved in the process of collaboration shape the work. This is a visual story of the evolution of a studio dedicated to collaborative projects in screen printing. It’s a story of experimentation, discovery, and innovation.


“...pushing the boundaries of contemporary screen printing through innovative practices is at the heart of HPWI.”​


—  Carmon Colangelo

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